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Check out these videos!


Conserving the Wilderness of the Night Sky - Understanding Light Pollution (link)

Enjoy this "Artificial Light At Night" (ALAN) 2023 Conference video, from the guest presenter, Dr. John Barentine, at the public forum.

Video length: 2:13:29 hr/min/sec


Join the Dark Night: Nocturnal Preserve (link)

Enjoy this educational video produced by the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area, to learn more about the importance of "Dark Skies".

Video Length: 24:44 min/sec

under DS  

Underneath the Dark Skies (link)

Enjoy this short documentary video about the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, produced by Rinaldi Guilinao and crew from SAIT.

Video length: 8:00 min


Losing the Dark (link)

Enjoy this short planetarium show, which introduces and illustrates some of the issues regarding light pollution and suggests three simple actions people can take to help mitigate it. 

Video length: 6:25 min

Links To Dark Sky Stuff   Check out these websites and docs!

The International Dark Sky Association, also known as "Dark Sky International", provides a wealth of knowledge and information.

Check out the 5 lighting principles for responsible outdoor lighting, linked to the adjacent image and here (webpage link).

Thanks to IDA for the use of their chart.


* More great IDA resources, for viewing or print, can be found here (webpage link)

* Protect the night (PDF link)

* Light pollution can put your health at risk (PDF link)

* Light pollution can harm wildlife (PDF link)

* Outdoor lighting, crime and safety (PDF link)

* Light pollution wastes energy and money (PDF link)

* Five principles of responsible outdoor lighting (PDF link)

* Light pollution postcard (PDF link)

* Nightscape Magazine (webpage link) & sample magazine issue (PDF link)


Linked to the image on the left and here, this Dark Sky friendly home lighting guide (PDF link), from Dark Sky International is a helpful resource for you to determine if your exterior light fixtures are Dark Sky compatible. Submit your results to obtain a free "Dark Sky Friendly Home Certificate".

This lighting assessment program can also be found on the Dark Sky International website (webpage link)

Backlight, Uplight, Glare (BUG) rating system info, regarding nighttime luminaires, can be found here (webpage link)


Foothills County adopted a Dark Sky Bylaw to minimize the factors that contribute to light pollution in the rural environment, to prevent glare, uplighting and light trespass, plus outline measures to preserve areas around the observatories. Click (left) to see larger map.

Our goals are to create awareness about Dark Skies in a friendly manner, in addition to recognizing the Foothills County Dark Sky Bylaw as a development tool and enforcement tool when needed. Find the Foothills County Dark Sky Bylaw here (PDF link).


Visit the Calgary-based Centre for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), here (webpage link) Check out their Dark Sky info page, night sky planner, moon phases chart, astro-imaging gallery, astronomy FAQs, telescope info, educational articles, Wilson Coulee Observatory, community designations and more!

Find the RASC Journal, bi-monthly subscription, plus other publications on the Canada-wide website, here (webpage link)

For information about star parties, observing programs and star-gazing essentials, visit the RASC Canada-wide website here (webpage link)

Thanks to RASC for the use of this photo.


Preserving Dark Skies will ensure the continuation of teaching and research at this world-class facility!

The University of Calgary's Rothney Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) is much more than a spot on a picturesque hill in the Foothills of the Rockies. It is a place where teaching and astronomical research connects with Public Education and Community Engagement. The RAO is a working science facility and is only open to the public during programs or events.

Visit the RAO website, here (webpage link).


In an effort to help preserve Dark Skies for the functioning of the Rothney Astrophysical Obsesrvatory, a special brochure was developed to assist our neighbouring City of Calgary's new Alpine Park, to understand what Dark Sky friendly exterior lighting is all about.

"Outdoor Lights are a Big Deal" brochure can be viewed, here (PDF link)


Enjoy this link to world class photography by Kimberly Sibbald. We are blessed to have the use of her photography as background to some of our banners on our Dark Sky Country website.

Kimberly shares a collection of her beautiful astrophotography and worldwide experiences through photography on her website, Sevenskiesastro.com., here (webpage link).


sc   Strathcona County has written an excellent Dark Sky and Energy Efficient Lighting community handbook. We have attached it here for your convenience to review their content and perspective on providing direction to residents. The policy handbook is linked, here (PDF link)
  Visit EarthSky to see the latest earth and celestial news, here (webpage link) or (Facebook link)
  Visit our News page to learn more about Dark Skies and what's happening with our partners and friends... Link to our News page (link)

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